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Getting Started

Currently is a 12 team Fantasy Football League. Students will have the opportunity to make league and front office financial decisions while also participating in head-to-head on-the-field competition. The simulation uses real NFL players in real time.

To begin, students must be assigned markets to operate in. Most Sports Economics classes have greater than 12 students, so teams of two, three, or four students may manage a franchise in a single market. For larger classes, an instructor may wish to separate the class into two separate leagues.

The current 12 markets are (the city's market size index is in parentheses):

New York (10.0)
San Francisco (6.0)
Philadelphia (5.6)
Boston (4.6)
Atlanta (4.0)
Minneapolis (3.2)
Seattle (3.2)
Denver (2.8)
Pittsburgh (2.2)
San Diego (2.0)
Cincinnati (1.6)
Kansas City (1.6)

A non-participating league commissioner must be selected (typically the course instructor, a graduate assistant, or a trusted undergraduate). The commissioner will be responsible for entering the names and identification numbers of all students into the database.

Once students are assigned to a market and the commissioner has entered their names into the system, the students may be invited to "join" and register. The students will need their identification number and their assigned market before they can set up a username and password to access

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